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16 weeks

I have several things I want to blog about, not least the beautiful blanket that arrived in the post last week. But I have been feeling pretty “off” these past few days between a return of the sicky feeling, the gagging and the exhaustion through to painful aching back and hips. So you’ll have to bear with me just a little while longer!

I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant and thanks to an improvement in the way I was feeling and the odd really good day I had begun to fall into the trap of thinking that I was finally beyond the nightmare of morning sickness. But, just when I felt like I was over it all, it came back with a vengeance and I have been nauseous, gagging and retching for days *sigh*.

Things are definitely changing, I mean I have finally been able to drink hot drinks again over the past couple of days, which is something I couldn’t imagine doing ever again a few weeks ago. But I am miserable beyond words with the way this icky feeling is clinging on, and so is Tim. I am not myself when I am sick and I have been sick for about 3 months now as my “morning sickness” began very early on in the pregnancy.

I want to enjoy being pregnant, but it is so hard when you just feel so rubbish all the time and can see no end in sight. I keep going to bed and hoping (and praying) that the next day will be the day I wake up and it has finally miraculously disappeared… I thought that day was last Wednesday, but by Friday I felt rubbish again.

My GP suggested I try nasal douching (squirting salty water up my nose) to try and clear my sinuses, to see if that will stop the post-nasal drip and tickly cough that I have suffered from since having a cold at the beginning of pregnancy. It may sound strange but this is one of the worst symptoms as my body seems to consider retching far easier than coughing and so I go to cough and end up with my hand over my mouth running to the toilet instead.

She also suggested taking Gaviscon regularly, even if I don’t feel particularly like I have heartburn or indigestion, because there could be a build up of acid that is contributing to the nausea. I can’t stand Gaviscon, but I’ll do anything to feel well again.

And then I tried acupuncture. I had what the terapist termed a “gentle” treatment as it was my first time and I am pregnant and I am due back on Saturday. It is an expense we could really do without right now, but something that seems so crucial when I am still weighing in at 2lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. My body shape has changed enough to make my trousers very tight, but my weight is still less than it was before I got pregnant thanks to not being able to stomach much. I would sure like to rectify that problem.

So, I am hoping the combination of these three things and the passing of more time will *finally* bring relief from the hell of this sickness. I am ready for it to be gone, completely, with no threat of it returning, so I can start getting on with my life. It is so hard being so incapacitated by it, but despite the absolute desire to do more around the house, to see friends and family and to start planning for baby’s arrival later this year, all I really want to do when sick is stay in bed and try to forget about it. Which is so unlike me, as I usually like to have several projects on the go, so I really want to feel more like myself again.

So, fingers crossed, next time you hear from me, I’ll be a much happier pregnant lady, with lots to show and tell.


  1. sadie says:

    well first of all CONGRATULATIONS! Such wonderful news . I’ve had computer problems for a few weeks now, so I’ve not been surfing around as much as I’d like. I am so glad to visit and read such wonderful news.
    I’m sorry that feeling ill has spoilt the joy for you though. That is rotten luck. Hopefully it will pass soon, and you can enjoy the rest of it.
    Just make sure you look after yourself. And congratulations again :o) x

  2. simone says:

    Hi Amanda. I am so sorry to hear that you still feel sick and unwell. I have been looking online and there are all sorts of things you can try to stop the nausea. One website suggest drinking peppermint tea or ginger tea, not to drink with meals and to eat a dry cereal or cracker before getting out of bed in the morning. I hope that you can find a remedy that works for you. x

  3. Jenny says:

    I’ve not had any major nausea but I can certainly relate to the post nasal drip…my sinuses have even cause at least one nose bleed per week since the beginning. It means I now have to breath through my mouth to sleep (not something I’ve ever done in my life). The sinus rinses can help but it’s temporary relief at best.
    I did find wearing nasal strips at night helps a bit too.

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh sweetie I am so so sorry that this pregnancy is so hard on you. As time keeps passing I keep hoping it will clear up and you will get to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. I really can’t related because I was never that sick with Henry, but I know it must be awful.
    I am thinking of you and hoping that soon a morning will come that you will realize the worst is behind you and you can enjoy the last half of your pregnancy.
    thinking of you.

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