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10 Things About The Family Patch

10 Things about amanda, The Family Patch, and Our Family

  1. I’m Amanda (the voice behind the Family Patch) and this is Little Man, also known as O on social media where characters count (currently 6), and TJ.
  2. We’re raising an only child, mostly due to health reasons, but also because, over time, we have come to truly appreciate the wonderful dynamic of family life with just the three of us!
  3. Talking of health issues, both TJ and I have chronic health conditions, which I have blogged about a lot, but in short TJ suffers from Small Fibre Neuropathy and I have multiple diagnoses including Fibromyalgia/CFS, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome/EDS Type-3, Endometriosis, Postural Hypotension and IBS. All of these have had a huge impact on both our professional and personal lives, and limit our social activities too. A huge focus of our “Healing Journey” is learning to live the best lives we can whilst honouring the needs of our bodies for rest and recuperation.
  4. Over the years we have developed lots of ways to live an abundant life on a very tight budget, starting with our wedding which cost a mere £1700!
  5. We are spiritual people who draw inspiration from a lot of different traditions and often feel a little bit lost when trying to define who we are and what we believe. It was the thought of trying to share this with Little Man and help him find his own path in life that led me to start creating Seasonal Resources for families like ours.
  6. Being outside in nature is very important to us – it brings us a lot of joy and peace, however we struggle to get out as much as we would like these days due to a shortage of time and energy. We hope this will change soon though, especially as we’d love to honour our #WildTime pledge.
  7. I am a very creative person and love nothing more than having time to sit down and make something. However I often have more ideas than I have time to complete, so my list of WIPs (Works in Progress) is always rather long! Crochet is, by far, my favourite craft but I also enjoy a bit of cross stitch and would love to get better at sewing too.
  8. Writing is, and always has been, something I find both very easy and very cathartic. I have several children’s stories just waiting for illustrations to go with them, poems scribbled on any piece of paper I could find when the inspiration struck, and my Young Adult Fantasy Series, The Brethren, which I am publishing a chapter at a time as I write it. That’s on top of this blog, a published book, and articles for various other websites. Did I say that I love writing?!
  9. As well as writing for pleasure, I love to get behind a cause and use my communication skills to spread the word. Whether it’s a charity campaign, a post about political activism, or simply sharing the works of others, you can be sure that I’ll always make room for a cause I care about both here at The Patch and off the blog too.
  10. I studied German and Russian at University, as well as learning French to GCSE level, Latin for a couple of years, a few lessons in both Italian and Chinese and have learnt the odd word in Spanish and Swedish. If you haven’t already figured this out, I love languages! The problem is, I don’t have a huge amount of confidence when it comes to my ability (blame the perfectionist in me!) and so whilst I would love to use foreign languages around the home to introduce Little Man to them at a young age, I rarely do. I am trying to change this, however, and will hopefully share more on the blog as I explore new options for keeping my language practise going.