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Bits and Bobs

New Mum Online – Liska is a UK parent blogger and vlogger who writes about her life as a mum to Aaron and lil lady Liska has previously taught Kundalini Yoga and writes about other aspects of her spirituality that influence her parenting style too.

Virtually All Sorts – Carol is a UK based blogger and self-publisher whose blog is home to both #TheZenZing and the #PositiveThinking monthly linky. When asked to describe herself, Carol said, “I love writing, crystal healing, reiki, positivity and parenting… oh and blogging!” 

Home Learning

Diary of a First Child – Luschka is a UK parent blogger who writes a vast amount on the topics of Attachment Parenting and Home Learning, sharing from her own experiences as a mother. 

Little Pagan Acorns – this site is filled with plenty of Pagan-inspired printables that are aimed at Homeschooling parents but which provide fun and educational activities for any family with young children.


Cherry Menlove – Cherry is a UK based blogger and author who writes about home, lifestyle and family life (she has twins). Her latest book is all about finding Peace, something all parents can appreciate, and she also blogs about “Mindstyle”.

Barefoot Five – Barefoot Mama writes about a wide variety of topics related to parenting and our own inner journeys, with a real focus on finding the magic within our everyday lives, honouring our own intuitive selves, and walking carefully (and consciously) upon the earth.


The Mindful Mama – Sarah draws on a background in psychology and her own experiences as a busy parent to help other parents find out about mindfulness techniques that can make the world of difference to our lives.


Janet Callahan – Janet writes prolifically about Paganism, including Pagan Parenting, and her site is a treasure trove of inspiration, information and opinion-based posts. 


Mummies Little Buddha – Catherine is a single mother to three children, who understands the worries, fears and doubts us parents all have when trying to balance so many areas of our lives. She writes about using yoga to support both ourselves and our children.