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Candles & Incense

Star Child is a beautiful shop based in Glastonbury which is filled with a glorious array of handmade candles, incense, and sculptures. Our family use a range of their incense within the home and have used their candles in some of our most special ceremonies. 

Community Spaces

Beetroot Cafe is a brand new (2016) space in Edinburgh (UK), dreamed up by Sarah, Marie-Anne, Tommy, and Paul, which offers a “city sanctuary where people [can] re-connect to themselves, and the world around them, through plant-based food and well-being classes and therapies.” 


Green Parent – this is a UK-based green-lifestyle and natural parenting magazine covering a wide range of topics for parents of children from pregnancy and birth through to the teen years.

Juno – this is a quarterly magazine, produced in the UK, which promotes a natural approach to family life. Topics range from nutrition to home-education and are all written in a way that encourages “reflection, self-acceptance and peaceful parenting”.

She Who Knows – this is a relatively new magazine written by women, for women. They describe themselves as a “magazine for Awakening Women” and each edition is filled with enlightening articles, inspirational artwork, and empowering stories. 


Cosmic Kids – this is a fantastic resource for families (amongst others) who want to introduce children to yoga. There are free yoga videos online, led by Jaime, which lead children through fantastic adventures and basic meditation to get their bodies moving, imaginations flying, and minds calmed. Jaime has also recently published their first yoga books, and offers amazing training for anyone who wishes to learn how to facilitate yoga classes for kids.