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A Year of Change – March

I think it's safe to say that March has brought with it a lot of change! We end this month in a completely different place to where we were just a few short weeks ago. Needless to say, emotions are running high, and everybody is feeling the effects of this. But it hasn't all been bad...

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A Year of Change – January

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As you may remember, I chose the word “Change”” to focus on this year, because there are a lot of things changing in my life at the moment. So I thought it would be helpful to try and make a record of the changes that happen, as well as the changes I’m making, month by month. By doing this I hope to see progress even when it feels like none is being made. Because let’s be fair, change is messy, and often it feels like you’re getting nowhere. Read more

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Change – My Word of The Year for 2020

Every year I like to choose a focus word, something which will (hopefully) help me to grow and develop as the months progress. Some years I have great success with this, and 2015 is a perfect example of this. I chose the word “Surrender” that year, and I couldn’t have picked a more poignant word. In the January I found out I was being made redundant, and the Spring was taken up by job applications, interviews, battles with a letting agency, and Tim having his first suicidal episode just a few days before we relocated and I started not one but two new jobs! And just when I thought things were starting to settle down, I started to see the first signs of my current illness. Surrender was the only thing I could do that year. Read more

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Samhain Reflections

October 31st marks Halloween or Samhain (or even All Hallow’s Eve), depending upon your personal tradition. Halloween has always intrigued me, since long before I began to explore the history and culture behind it. But the more I have learnt about it, the more it has held a special place in my heart. This is particularly true of the more Pagan roots of Samhain. Read more