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Anniversary Love


Last weekend we celebrated one year of marriage. It has been a challenging year, one in which we were pushed beyond where we believed our limits lay. And yet the year showed us just how strong we are when we stand together.

My husband not only looks after me and does the most amazing things like giving me massages and painting my toenails when I was heavily pregnant (earning him the title of "Angel" many times) but he also makes me laugh every day!

You know you're married to the one you love when your "arguments" take place with you sitting in the bath and your husband sitting on the bathroom floor, scoffing After Eight…

And you know you're married to your best friend when your wedding anniversary passes you by without you even thinking to blog about it because it just feels like you've been married for years, not just one (heck I don't even know what date we "officially" moved from "new acquaintances" to "friends" and then "friends" to "lovers" because it just happened).

That doesn't mean we didn't celebrate… my husband went out and bought me a new bag and hid a new smartphone in it for me to find. And I bought us tickets to go see Jimmy Carr next weekend on our first "date night" this year!

Of course, our greatest gift this year was this little man…


who looks so very much like his daddy and makes our hearts melt every single day!

This time last year we were looking forward to starting a family, but knew it might never happen. How very blessed we are and what better reason is there to forget about blogging about our anniversary!

Our Wedding on a Budget

Wedding on a Budget

Well, it’s here at last, the Royal Wedding. I truly hope that Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton have a wonderful day. However grand and lavish the affair is, I have to say I don’t envy them the pressure they must be feeling having so many people watching them take their vows. I remember nervously hoping I’d remember my own and we only had a few guests who were all close friends and family… it must be much more nervewracking with so many people watching! Read more

Wedding day speeches

Wedding Photos

A bride Amanda ready for her wedding and smiling

Photo courtesy of Terry Gunn

As many of you may know, Tim and I opted not to have a professional photographer. We are lucky enough to know three people with a keen eye for photography who we had asked to bring their cameras along. There was no way we were breaking our £1500 budget by paying a third of that just on a basic photography package: no way! Besides, most people have decent digital cameras these days, so we knew we would get some beautiful photos without spending a ridiculous amount on a photographer. We chose to have a laid-back wedding, so we wanted laid-back photos to boot. Read more

budget wedding venue

Wedding Update – The Venue

Our wedding venue - budget wedding venue

This is the venue for our wedding. It’s not grand or plush or overly pretty from the outside, but it is functional and perfect for what we wanted.



It has plenty of parking space and outdoor areas where, at the beginning of Autumn, the trees should be turning a beautiful golden colour for the photos.

Park play area

There is a play park where, weather permitting, the children can play before dinner whilst their parents mingle with other guests.

Entrance hall to the wedding venue

There is an entrance hall which we can use to offer a warm welcome to the guests as they arrive (well, not us personally as we will be elsewhere as the afternoon guests arrive, but our decorations can offer a warm welcome at this point).

Spacious hall for the wedding

There is a spacious hall, large enough to set the tables around the outside during the blessing ceremony, and put them into place ready for the meal…

Ceiling rafters in the hall

With rafters to hang bunting and balloons from…

Wedding space

and room for a disco as the evening progresses.

Cosy room with tables and chairs

There’s even a room for relaxing and chilling…

Bar with folding doors next to it

which is situated right next to the bar (just behind those folding doors!)

There’s even a cloakroom and a serving hatch straight from the kitchen, but I never thought to take photos of those!

I have so many plans for this place, so many ideas I can’t wait to put into action, so many thrifty finds I can’t wait to use. October is coming closer each day and I need to get going on making the decorations and putting the final bits and pieces together. Stay tuned, dear readers, this blog will soon be filled with all manner of wedding-goodness…


Homemade pumpkin flower arrangement for table centre piece for a budget wedding

Wedding Update – the story so far…

A couple Amanda and Tim kissing

Photo credit: well, I forget who took it, but it wasn’t me!! I had to include it though, as it was taken at my friend’s wedding, in Rome, the day after Tim proposed – a holiday never forgotten!


Tim and I are really on a countdown now – just over 5 months until Friday 15th October when we will be getting married. When Tim proposed to me last August I thought that we wouldn’t be able to afford a wedding for at least a couple of years. I was all set for a “longer-term engagement” and then, just before Christmas, I realised that maybe, just maybe, we could pull it off for this year instead. But the only way we could do it would be to budget, budget, budget! Read more