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Easter Holidays

Spring seems to have well and truly arrived, with some glorious days popping in between the April showers in my neck of the woods. Just in time for the Easter Holidays!

Tomorrow is my last day at work for two weeks, and although I am enjoying my job, I am glad that I’m going to have a bit of a break because I am exhausted. I don’t know if it is just pregnancy related, or whether it is to do with the demands of the job, but some days (like today) I feel like I can hardly keep my eyes open.

The thing is though, I am finally¬†starting to feel better in that I haven’t thrown up/retched since last Tuesday and even the nausea is letting up. My gag reflex, though still sensitive enough to stop me taking my vitamins or paracetamol for the stinking headache I’ve had the last two days, has also settled down a great degree.

So with these improvements in my physical body I am loathe to spend hours of my day in bed, especially as I am finding it harder to sleep despite the exhaustion. I wake up in the night more often needing to visit the bathroom, and I also have to toss and turn a lot as my hips are starting to really hurt. So spending the afternoon in bed is not my idea of fun, especially having spent so much of the past couple of months doing that very same thing.

But it doesn’t stop me feeling like I am about to drop off at any moment, and so I shall be glad to have a couple of weeks off from demanding kids, to just plan my day around pottering in the house and garden. Hopefully by the time the new term begins the remainder of the icky feelings will have gone and my appetite returned, which will hopefully boost my energy levels!

And the two weeks off will give me chance to finally try and get a few more posts up on the blog, as it is still very “here and there” at the moment. I miss logging in each day to write a post, so it will be good to get back into the swing of things.

So, until next week… have a lovely weekend xx

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