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First Family Christmas!

Are you ready for a ton of gorgeous photos from our first Christmas as a family?

Here goes…

Good Day - Happy baby

We started the day in our pyjamas, and stayed in them the whole day!

We were all festive in our new red pyjamas. I had scotty dogs and spots on mine, TJ had Homer Simpson on his, and Little Man had a great fleecy number that he received from a very special friend.

Sarah, from BioGirl, sent us some of Henry’s clothes from his very first Christmas and so Little Man spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day in the sweetest outfits from his new friend Henry! Sarah has become a very close friend to me and knowing that she chose to send some of Henry’s precious clothes for Little Man when letting go of said clothes is hard means more than I can say. To understand just why it meant so much, have a read of her post here.

I do so hope that Little Man and Henry will grow to be internet buddies, just like their mamas! So, Henry, here is Little Man in the beautiful sleepsuit you sent for him to wear when Santa came.

So tired - sleepy baby

It was so exciting that Little Man had to have a nap half way through opening his presents. But we soon got back on track and although slightly bemused by the whole affair (he is only 3 months old after all), he seemed to like this new toys…

Oscar and Daddy

a new rattle…

Oscar and Daddy 2

a musical mobile phone…

Oscar and Daddy 3

and several new books!

Little Man actually bought this book for his daddy for Christmas and poor daddy was so overwhelmed that it took him two days to get to the end of it!

Mummy received some books from daddy too and daddy got one from mummy, so as usual books were a big part of our gift giving. I get the feeling we’re going to need to rearrange the bookcases again!

TJ then decided to put the hat I had made for my sister on Little Man…

Oscar and Hat

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first. But then he got used to it and decided he looked mighty handsome and he ought to make mummy take as many photos as possible before it was wrapped up and given to Aunty Debbie!

Oscar and Mummy

All in all we had a wonderful Christmas Day, our first as a family of three, and it wasn’t long before we were heading to bed with dreams of starting again the next day with my parents. I’ll post more photos of Boxing Day soon, but here is a sneak preview of how gorgeous my boy looked…

In My Shirt

Incidentally, since I am showing you the clothes Henry sent for Little Man I thought I might show you the awesomeness of the sweet boy wearing a dino hat I made for him. I completely forgot to share the photos when Sarah first posted them, but doesn’t Henry look so cool? If you’re interested in making a similar hat, I used the pattern found here, simplifying it to fit in with my time scale by leaving off the tail and spots, but I think it still looked great!

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