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Gifts for Baby

You may remember me mentioning that we had received a beautiful bundle from my friend Jen. You may also remember that I didn't post any photos because my camera battery had died. Well, the camera battery is still waiting to be charged, but I did manage to take a few shots on my phone this weekend.


The problem is that the glorious blanket that Jen crocheted for us is so amazingly beautiful that I just could not do it justice with a camera. Believe me when I tell you that it is breathtaking in real life.


I shall try and get ome better photos later when I have a proper camera to work with. But you must know how much this blanket means to me and Tim, as we are both huge lovers of trees and the design on this blanket is ideal for sharing that love with our child. 

But it wasn't just the blanket that Jen sent… oh no! She also sent us three darling hats to keep baby warm during those first months in the autumn and winter. 


Tim loves the green one so much that he actually tried to put it on himself… until I shouted at him not to stretch it and to keep his mitts off it! 

Added to these gifts from Jen are the ones from my Grandma, who has been busy knitting away ever since we told her about the pregnancy during the latter part of my first trimester. She's been busy knitting hats and mittens…


As well as a few cardigans to keep baby warm.


She is still busy knitting away, and is eager to find out what gender our baby is so that she can begin some pink or blue items. Not long now, just over two weeks until we find out. 

Whatever baby is though, he or she will certainly be well dressed and certainly far better co-ordinated that Tim or I will ever be! What a lucky baby we are having, and how blessed we are to have such loving friends and family to send these gifts to us.


  1. Jen says:

    See… give a Grandma some yarn and she’ll go to town (self included!)! Those sweaters are gorgeous!
    Tim, I can get more of the green yarn and make a matching hat for you. :oP

  2. Mum says:

    What a great idea of Jen’s to make Tim a matching hat…they will look so cute when they go out for walks. A big *thank you* to Jen. x

  3. Rach says:

    Awww… these things are SO gorgeous! I can only hope that my very beginner crochet skills will catch up in time for me to make some things for the next member of our family, as I don’t have any knitting family members. The blanket is really amazing…. I’m in awe, and bow at the feet of the crochet goddess who made it, lol! The hats and mittens and cardigans are just gorgeous!
    Must be so exciting to be gradually accumulating things! Me and Alex are having to wait, as we’re on a spartan budget to finish getting moving costs together, and all of our spare cash is going on paint, storgae, and and cleaning supplies right now to get the flat looking sparkling and fresh for going on the market next weekend – it is SO much work… can’t wait until we’re done! Have used the whole of my Easter break painting so far, so by the time we move in late June, am just going to sit back and watch, as am getting rounder by the day!
    R xxx

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