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Life at the Patch – 18 weeks!

Note to readers: this post contains information and a photo relating to pregnancy

Well, you may have noticed that my planned return to regular blogging never really took off over the past couple of weeks. That can be explained by a nasty return of my morning sickness! But, thankfully, this past week the nausea and gagging seem to have finally started to go away as my appetite has returned. Whether this is due to the acupuncture alone or a combination of acupuncture and my body finally adjusting to the pregnancy hormones I do not know. But whatever it was, I am glad it worked as I've been feeling rotten since the middle of week 4!

I'm still have the occasional bout of nausea, particular in the evenings or if I overdo it and exhaust myself (which is very easy these days). And my tickly cough that has bugged me all pregnancy has begun to turn into a more chesty one, which occasionally means I still gag when I cough. But all things considered, I feel tons better than I have one since the very beginning of January and am ready to start enjoying myself again.

Photo taken at 16 weeks and 5 days, so my bump is slightly larger already!

So what's new? Well, I am now 18 weeks pregnant and my bump seems to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I am now wearing maternity clothes that whilst still a little bit large are much more comfortable than my usual clothes that barely cover me anymore. I am loving trying on new clothes each day (from a lovely second-hand bundle my mum bought of eBay for my birthday – thanks mum!) I am also enjoying going out and about and feeling "proud" of my growing bump… this is what I dreamed of when imagining pregnancy and I am glad I have finally reached this stage and survived the nightmare that was my morning sickness.

We're starting to get things ready for the baby's arrival… including receiving some sweet handmade items to keep baby warm during the autumn and winter months. Check back in on Wednesday for more about these!

We're also starting to get the garden sorted, planning a new flowerbed and enjoying our new set of garden table and chairs. This is a huge relief to me as I have previously been carrying a heavy wooden chair outside from the dining room whenever I wanted to sit in the garden and as I am now suffering bad pain in my hips I am finding such things more difficult. I'll tell you more about the garden and our plans for it tomorrow, so do check back.

And then on Thursday it is my birthday! I have a busy day… none of it really relating to my birthday. But we have plans to enjoy ourselves on Friday, when we are hoping to pop along to our local National Trust property with a picnic. They are showing the Royal Wedding on a big screen for visitors to watch, so it should be a lovely day!

So you may not see much of me towards the end of the week, but I shall be back again with more posts over the coming weeks as my energy levels hopefully improve and we have exciting things such as our 20 week scan, and other bits and bobs to share with you.

For now, have a lovely Easter Monday!


  1. David Rimmington says:

    Awww Amanda, well I will wish you a happy Birthday, and I have heard about the bigger bump! I hope you have an enjoyable picnic and that your health gets and stays better 😀 Happy Easter to you too!!

  2. Felisha says:

    You look lovely, Amanda. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is happy and healthy.
    See I am not the monster I have been made to look like.

  3. Happy Birthday for Thursday Amanda!! Being a mum-to-be suits you very well…you look better than you feel I think! Enjoy your week & take care – so happy to have found you again xoxo Rachel

  4. Mum says:

    Pleased the clothes are ok. What about the dress from Debbie..have you tried it yet? Look forward to more blogs this week. Dad will let you have some of his bedding plants for your garden when we next visit. Take care at work this week. xxx

  5. Sarah says:

    You look great! I am so happy to hear you are feeling at least a little better. I will keep my fingers cross taht it will continue and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

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