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Life at the Patch – 22 weeks

I can hardly believe we have made it to 22 weeks of this pregnancy and I am finally starting to feel better. Thanks to some new meds from my GP I am finally able to get out of bed in the morning without throwing up, I am able to eat without gagging, and I am able to function like I used to.

Of course, I am now starting to get bigger by the day, and one of the meds I’m taking makes me ridiculously dozy, so although I feel less sick and more able to do things than before, I am finding it harder to get going and keep going… just yesterday I fell fast asleep after a lovely walk in the “hills and hollows” near where we live. I’ve never fallen asleep just like that, so this is new!

But I’ll take mind-numbing fatigue and an aching body over the overwhelming sickness anyday, and so I’m finally getting back on track of enjoying the simple things like sitting with Tim and watching a film, rather than shutting myself in bed and trying not to puke. And that means I am also starting to think about things to blog about once more, so let’s see how that goes…

This week I’m thinking I’ll finally get that post on the changes in our garden online, and maybe one about our plans to try and raise our little one with a slightly bi-lingual background. But I’m not sticking time restraints on these by planning a post each day, because I know I’ll only get behind and miss something if I try to do that this week. So let’s just see how far we get.

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