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Life at the Patch – 24 weeks!!

Before I begin today’s post, can we all take a moment to do a happy celebratory dance around the room? Yesterday I reached 24 weeks in my pregnancy, which means that finally the pregnancy is classed as “viable” meaning that were something drastic to happen (God forbid) and labour began prematurely, the baby would have a good chance of survival with today’s medical care and the medical team would be legally obliged to give baby the best chance of survival possible. Had something happened any earlier, as sadly happens for far too many people, it would have been classed as a late miscarriage. So, passing this milestone in the pregnancy makes for one huge sigh of relief from Tim and myself, and I feel a little celebratory dance is not too much to ask for!

Let’s do it…

Photo taken at 24 weeks exactly… bit worried about just how big bump is going to get by the end of the pregnancy!!

Right… that’s me well and truly worn out for the rest of the day now, so back to the blog!

I’m going to attempt to get back to daily (or at least every other day) blogs now, as my mind is completely brimming with ideas for posts and things I want to get done in and around our house that will equally make for fun writing (and hopefully interesting reading for you guys too). So here’s the plan for this week:

Tomorrow I’ll show you what’s been happening in our garden of late and tell you a little about the plans we have for it over the coming years. We’ve been in this house almost a year now so are slowly getting to grips with what grows well in our garden and what isn’t so successful. It’s exciting to see the changes even since last year and envisage what it will be like as it becomes more established as the years go on. I feel tomorrow’s post will be the first of many over the coming weeks and months as this is an exciting time in the garden with changes happening almost daily.

Then on Wednesday I’ll tell you about the things we have been buying for baby and the things we still have to get. At 6 months it feels right to be starting to gather bits and pieces together and I’m excited to see our spare room being filled with more and more items and working out what else we still need to get. We’ve been buying second hand and receiving gifts from family, so have actually hardly spent anything at all, which is great as you must know by now how much I like a good bargain and hate to spend money I don’t have to.

Thursday will see the beginning of a new series to the Patch. It’s called “The Magic of Trees” and will look at some of our favourite finds on our local walks and the history and folklore surrounding them. This is something that fascinates me and which I incorporated into our wedding last year, and I am looking forward to sharing my love of trees with you all. I think the series might eventually become a small segment of an even bigger series on “The Magic of Nature” which will look at the way in which we are trying to bring the natural world into our home and lives, in order to both enjoy it ourselves and build up a way of teaching our child all about the natural world around us.

Finally, on Friday, I hope to share with you some of my thoughts on organisation and planning. I’m not a naturally organised person, but with a baby on the way I am very aware of how much I need to declutter both my home and mind and try to put into place a few routines that will help me keep going even when our world is turned upside down when the baby arrives. I may not get very far, but I will certainly try!

So, I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. Carole says:

    Yes, Congratultions on reaching this milestone. You are looking really great. I am also pleased to be able to read, hopefully, daily whats going on over there!

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