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Life at the Patch – 29 weeks

Wow, I didn’t mean to leave the whole of last week with only one post! Sorry about that. I kept thinking of coming on and writing something but I just couldn’t seem to get my head in gear.

I’ve recently asked a few people to write some guest posts over the coming weeks and months, which is exciting as I have wanted The Patch to be a place of community and sharing ever since I started it. And it will really help me out on those days as I get bigger and more tired and especially around the time the baby is born. So do keep an eye out for updates on my guest bloggers, as I shall be starting to introduce you to them soon!

But for now, here’s an update on us:

Please excuse the wrinkled nature of my top… it had been “thrown” into Tim’s backpack before heading out for our walk and when the wind blew up I put it over my vest top but looked rather dishevelled for it!

I hit 29 weeks yesterday, which is exciting. Every new week is exciting now as it seems to make the countdown to meeting our baby so much smaller. Yesterday I had 77 days to go until my estimated due date: that doesn’t sound very long at all does it? It certainly sounds less than 11 weeks somehow.

It does however mean I am getting a little bit concerned about how many things I still have to get done. I had been planning to do it all after finishing work in a couple of weeks’ time, but the bigger I get the harder things are and I’m wondering if I really will manage to motivate myself enough to get everything sorted in time.

My checklist of things “to do” includes important things like ordering the cot mattress (because I just keep forgetting to go online and order one… bad mama!) and sorting out the nursery as it still looks like a bomb has hit it since I started working my way through the boxes of paperwork and craft materials currently stored there. I plan on getting Tim and my mum to help out on that front though as when I tried it on my own I ended up stuck in a corner, surrounded by piles of “to keep”, “to chuck”, “to recycle”, “to give away” and sat for quite a long time wondering how on earth I would climb back out of the corner I had trapped myself in. There’s no more jumping over such piles as I used to, not with this bump!

Talking of the bump, I got a shock last week when my midwife informed me that I was measuring 3 weeks ahead of what I should. Can you believe it? Just 2 months ago I was worrying about my inability to eat and gain weight and now I’m measuring on the large size. Isn’t that just crazy? My weight gain is actually pretty healthy now at 18lbs, although putting it all on in two short months has been a bit of a shock to the system. But as I am a small frame, and my bump sticks out quite impressively, I both look and feel huge right now and so hearing that I am measuring big makes me feel ever so slightly better about complaining that I feel massive already when I still have 11 weeks to grow!

If I’m still measuring ahead at my next appointment in three weeks’ time I’ll be referred for a growth scan. I’m not going to complain about that… another chance to sneak a peek at our baby, well who wouldn’t take that opportunity, even if it is because there is something not quite “routine” occuring. Personally I’m not too worried over the size as I had my suspicions he would be a big baby as we have big babies on both sides of the family!

Being extra big does make me feel a bit better about being so useless at getting anything done right now, but it does make me think “what if he decides to come that bit earlier and I’m not prepared because I’ve left things to the last minute?” So this week I felt a kick up the bum and have started making lists of things I need to remember to do, like what I need to pack in my hospital bag, what toiletries I may need to buy, when I should arrange a trip to the shop to purchase those nursing bras etc.

So do excuse me if I don’t get round to posting so much these days, but right now I am busy trying to organise myself for the coming weeks.

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  1. One Day says:

    You look beautiful!! (and yes, your bump is growing so much and is SOOOO cute! I love it!)
    My doctor told me to make sure and get everything done by 28 weeks because with twins I’ll feel too big to want to do anything after that…I didn’t really believe her until this week. I’m growing fast now, and I can see that pretty soon the to-do list is going to either be done or handed off to B to finish 😉

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