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Life At The Patch – 32 Weeks

Amanda and Tim on their way to a wedding - 30 weeks pregnant

photo taken at 30 weeks, about to head to a wedding

According to the “ticker” I have on the Mums Due forum I visit, I have 55 days left until my due date… 55 days!! In some ways that feels so small and in other ways it still feels like such a long way away. The ladies on my forum all keep saying how fast the past few months have gone and that they cannot believe we are all due so soon, and yet because of how horrendously difficult my pregnancy has been I feel the exact opposite. It feels like a lifetime since January and I’m looking forward to days feeling that little bit shorter again once my body is back to just trying to keep me safe and well.

That’s not to say I want the days and weeks to fly by when the little one gets here, though I’m sure they will. And I have to say that realising I have such a short amount of time left has given me a bit of a kick up the bum. My lovely mum has been here over the weekend and she has helped me wash all the baby clothes and blankets, all of which are gifts I hasten to add, and we’ve had fun pegging them out on the line together (or rather my mum pegging them on the line and me watching) and imagining what it will be like when our little man is here and we’re dressing him in them. I’m sure laundry won’t be half as thrilling once I’m washing poopy nappies and clothes than have been puked on, but this weekend we revelled in the sight of so many tiny little outfits hanging on the line.

Baby clothes white, blue and yellow drying on a washing line

We’re also sorting out the nursery. Last week I worked my way through my boxes of craft supplies and hastily filled new boxes with things to keep, things to go in the loft, and things to give away (as well as the rubbish bin!) My mum is far more organised than me and without the bump she is much quicker too, and so she has been a star and rearranged by terribly packed boxes and is currently sorting out the last few bits so that my dad can come tomorrow and help Tim put the big boxes of stuff up in the loft and take the craft supplies I’ve given her home.

This means that by tomorrow we will hopefully have the cot put up in our bedroom, the ottoman moved into the hallway, and the furniture in the guest room rearranged as they will be once it officially becomes the nursery. I cannot wait to show you all.

We’re still far from finished, though, and Tim and I have some things we really have to do over the coming weeks, such as sorting out the cupboard under the stairs so that there is room to store the stroller, and ordering the cot mattress. We also have to pack my hospital bag. We have most of the essentials, including the Tens Machine I bought second hand, but the bag still needs actually packing.

Amanda sat under a washing line with more baby things on

The thought of how close we are is just wonderful but also slightly scary. I just want it to be over now and the little one to be here. I saw the midwife last week and I am still measuring ahead, but only by 1.5cm instead of 3. I’m also borderline anaemic, with my iron levels being 10.6 and my GP surgery prescribing iron for anything under 10.5. So I see the midwife in two weeks’ time instead of three just to double check my bloods and the size of my bump. I’ve also been drilled yet again on the symptoms to watch out for in case I develop pre-eclampsia as I am at a higher risk of it due to family and personal medical histories. So all in all I’m not feeling too bad about being such a lump these days and having to rely on the help of others to get things done.

Roll on September is all I can say, though, as then he could come at any time. Our estimated due date (EDD) is 25th September, but I keep telling myself that August is the last “full month” I have to survive as by the time September arrives we’ll be approaching 37 weeks and classed as full-term. I still have a feeling this little one is going to make a slightly early appearance, but I’m not counting on it just in case he decides to be late!

So for now I am just plodding along, amusing everyone with the dances he seems to do inside (my mum says she has never known a baby move so much!) and hoping that the next few weeks do indeed fly by now we are so close. And until then, I have several posts planned for The Patch, so do check back soon to see what’s going on.

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  1. Simone says:

    You are looking really well Amanda despite the fact that you have been feeling poorly! September is just around the corner so hang on in there! x

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