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In 2013 TJ and I finally decided that we are going to remain a one child family. Little Man is to be our “one and only”. And it seems we are far from alone in this decision.

When I sent out a request on Twitter to find other parents of one child, there was quite an influx of responses. This is one of the things I love most about blogging and social media, the chance to meet people in the same boat as you. Whilst I love reading all kinds of blogs (including those of larger families or those who do not have children), there is something special about connecting with people who know what it’s like to raise a single child.

That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to create a page to combine all my thoughts on parenting an only child, as well as links to other bloggers and articles in the mainstream media about this choice we make as a family.


Our path to becoming a one-child family

Having an only child wasn’t our first choice. We battled with the decision a lot (once we knew I could have children but how much of a toll that took on my health) and even when we had come to the conclusion that we couldn’t face another pregnancy, we were still very much considering adoption.

But in Spring 2013 we realised that having “just the one” was not only the right choice for us, but is actually a positive one. We were lucky enough to fall pregnant, carry to term, and have a healthy baby boy. That was more than enough for us, and the benefits of having just one child meant that we could look to the future with excitement, rather than a feeling of loss of what we couldn’t have.

You can read more about our journey to this decision in the following posts.

The Hardest Decision – the post I wrote when we first made a promise to ourselves not to go through another pregnancy, but were unsure of whether to look into adoption or not (written June 2012)

We’re Getting There – a post about how even in 2012 I was beginning to realise how blessed we were with “just the one” (written July 2012)

Realisations and the Beginnings of Acceptance – a post about how I began to let go of the dream of having another baby and began to embrace what this might mean for us as a family (written March 2013)

Let’s Talk About One Child Families – a post about our final decision to remain a one child family (written April 2013)


Other One Child Families (Bloggers and Tweeters)

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Are you a one-child family? Let’s connect via Twitter or contact me via the blog


Articles on One Child Families

How the fantasy of larger families can poison our own happiness and development (Psychology Today, 20th February 2013)

Rise of the one-child families (The Telegraph, 25th March 2013)

The Only Child: Debunking the Myths (Time Magazine, 8th July 2010)

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