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Our bountiful harvest!

Hi there! 

I've been meaning to post an update on the garden for some time now, but never seem to remember to take the camera into the garden with me (and actually I now need to remember to put it straight back in my hospital bag!!) But today I remembered and so I can finally share some of the wonderful things that have grown in our little patch this year.

Our tomatoes are perhaps the most bountiful crop this year. Grown from seed (by my dad) and then left to grow in old plastic boxes filled with compost outside our back door, they have just flourished.


And they are all as sweet and juicy as can be. I often just pick one and eat it before getting anywhere close to using it in an actual recipe… yum!

Then there are the courgettes… we've had the glut already but a few remain on the plants


And our runner beans are still going strong, with plenty of flowers to turn into beans yet!


Our beetroot are small, but still an achievement…


But nothing compared to the growth of our rhubarb this year (planted only last autumn!)


We don't have a very large garden…


And the tomatoes are grown in old plastic boxes…


But we go get a lovely harvest!


And we have even made chutney… yum. 


I hope you enjoyed seeing the veggies we've managed to grow. We are still very new to this whole gardening business, but it is going well. I'll show you the flowers we've been growing next week!


  1. Mum says:

    The corgettes look a funny shape 🙂 Better crop this year. Next year you can try other veg now you know the garden is a good one for growing the crop. x

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