The Joy of Letting Go

As Samhain approaches, I have felt the call of the Crone to let go of the old and embrace the next stage of my life with open arms. And as I have listened and followed her call, I have discovered the true joy in letting go...

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What Makes a Christian? A Progressive Christian’s View

What makes a Christian? This is a question that on the surface sounds really simple, but in reality is quite complex. Whilst most Christians have their own idea about what makes them a Christian, an idea which often coincides with the beliefs of their Church, the very fact that there are so many different denominations shows that the answer to this question is really anything but simple.

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(Late) Reflections on Lent, Easter, & My Christian Journey

40 Items Clothing Lent Give Away

I had planned on writing this update last weekend, to coincide with the Easter celebrations, but unfortunately I was rather poorly.  I was overcome with “brain fog” alongside absolute exhaustion, and so putting together a blog post was beyond my capabilities. But, as the saying goes, better late than never, hey? Lent Reflections So, first …

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