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Sizes & Values

Banner Image Height – controls the height of the site banner image.


Template Options

Always Show Nav – forces the auto-hiding navigation to stay in view by default.

Header Icons – enables the two icons in the header area. When disabled icons become text.

Header Dropdown Content – select the drop down content that is offered in the right side of the header area. 

Header & Nav Borders – enables top and bottom borders on the header and navigation areas. 

Site Drop Shadow – enables a drop shadow under the site canvas area.

Title Decoration – provides a selection of decoration choices on the page title.

Page Titles & Description – displays the page title and description on pages. 

Blog Styles

Blog Text Width – sets the relative width of the blog content area. 

Blog Post Author – enables the display of author name with the date under the article title. 

Gallery Styles

Gallery Navigation – determines the type of gallery image navigation is provided on the page.

Gallery Info Overlay – select the type of display used for image title and caption.

Gallery Aspect Ratio – controls the aspect ratio (width:height) for the gallery active slide.

Gallery Arrow Style – determines the style of the arrows used to cycle through the slides.

Gallery Transitions – select the transition styles used to animate between slides being viewed.

Gallery Show Arrows – choose to use arrows for cycling through slides.

Gallery Auto Crop – choose to auto crop slide images to the selected ratio.

Gallery Autoplay – choose to cycle gallery images automatically without user interaction.

Gallery Loop – enable a gallery to cycle through to the first slide after the last slide.

Gallery Autoplay Speed – specify the speed at which the gallery pauses on the active slide.

Gallery Thumbnail Size – control the height of thumbnail images when used for gallery navigation.

Gallery Arrow Background – specify the color that is used for the shape of gallery arrows.

Gallery Arrow Color – specify the color that is used for the arrow itself.

Gallery Circle Color – specify the color that is used for the circle shape gallery arrows.

Gallery Info Background – specify the color used in the background of the image title and caption.

Product Styles

Product Background Color – sets the color behind the product image.

Product Overlay Color – sets the color of the overlay when product list titles are set to ‘overlay.’

Products Per Row – determines the number of products shown per line on the product list.

Product List Titles – controls the position of the product title on the product list.

Product List Alignment – sets the text alignment of the product title on the product list.

Product Item Size – select an image ratio for the product photo on the product list.

Product Image Auto Crop – determines whether product images fill the image area or fit within.

Product Gallery Size – select an image ratio for the product gallery on the product item page.

Product Gallery Auto Crop – determines whether product images fill the gallery area or fit within.

Show Product Price – shows the price on the product list page when enabled.

Show Product Item Nav – shows the ‘back to shop’ link on the product item page.


Event Styles

Event Time Format – toggle between 24 hour or AM/PM for event times.

Event Icons – enable icons on the address and event time display.

Event Thumbnails – show an image thumbnail in list view.

Event Thumbnail Size – controls the size (ratio width:height) of the event thumbnail image.

Event Date Label – enable date overlay on top of event thumbnail.

Event Date Label Time – include the time of the event with the date overlay.

Event Excerpts – show optional excerpt text of events on the list view when present. 

Event List Date – show the full event date (day, month, year) of the event on the list view.

Event List Time – show the time range (start time-end time) of the event on the list view.

Event List Address – show the event location address when present.

Event iCal/gCal Links – show links to add events to Apple or Google calendars.

Event Like and Share Buttons – show Squarespace simple like and share buttons on events.

Event List Compact View – enable a simple stacked view of events in the list view.

Event Calendar Compact View – enable a simpler calendar view optimized for smaller areas.