Friday, October 20, 2017
Here at The Family Patch, we are always looking for ways to make our hectic lives easier and less stressful. Over the years we have come to discover some truly fantastic resources (both online and in real life), as well as bloggers and YouTubers who inspire and encourage us to create the best possible life we can for ourselves. And we wanted to share those with you. We hope you find something here to help you, and if there is a resource that you love and think should be here, please do get in touch and let us know!
Crocheters of Awesome
Don’t let the simple blog header fool you – Crocheters of Awesome is quite frankly AWESOME. It is written by Jen, my crochet guru, and is filled with the most helpful (video and photo) tutorials as well as her amazing creations.
Story of Mum

Story of Mum is a wonderfully supportive social enterprise run by Pippa and Penny. The focus is on helping exhausted mums find time for themselves, to nurture their needs, and give themselves a break! Story of Mum leads retreats both in Cornwall and online, and also runs a Twitter Party once a month, helping mums to come together and realise they are not alone!
Thrive Moms
Thrive Moms is a brilliant online ministry created specifically for mothers. The name comes from the idea that we can not only survive the challenges of motherhood, but thrive within them, if given the right tools and support. Thrive Moms offers a weekly newsletter (Momentum), regular blog, connections on social media and via their app, and a twice yearly online retreat – all for free!
YouTube Channels
Cosmic Kids is a fantastic YouTube Channel, offering free yoga videos for kids of all ages. There are adventure stories, mindfulness meditations, the yoga disco, and even videos to help you master each pose. And if that wasn’t enough, Cosmic Kids also provide teacher training as well as a whole host of resources over on their website. You can read about our love of Cosmic Kids here.

One Woman Revolution is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to create lasting change within their lives, one step at a time. Shivie’s down-to-earth videos helped me to fall in love with Kundalini Yoga and her blog & Facebook page are fantastic inspirations too.