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Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I just wanted to let you all know that I have now updated the page on Hyperemesis Gravidaum here on the blog.

I have been struggling a lot with this over the past few days and have plenty I’d like to write about, but also have very limited time to blog right now because I want to spend as much time with Little Man as possible.

In short, I have been struggling with seeing other pregnant women, especially those pregnant with a second or third child, because that makes me face my decision to never go through pregnancy again. And that hurts. Anyone who knows me well will know I always looked forward to being pregnant and having a family and to turn my back on expanding my family in that way is painful.

As it stands we won’t want to even think of expanding our family until Oscar is several years older because I need to get my health sorted, having been ill for several years with Endometriosis and the treatments for it before my Hyperemesis Gravidarum hell last year. We still aren’t sure whether we will have more than one child and whether that addition will be through adoption or not.

This past week I started wondering if I shouldn’t have said “never again” so hastily during my pregnancy and yet I know I would be terrified to try again. So basically I am torn in two by it all and am trying to work through my thoughts and emotions rather than pushing them down and letting them build to unbearable levels.

Of course these decisions don’t need to be made now. And I am more than happy with Oscar being an only child for the time being. I love every minute with him and want to cherish these early years and would be quite happy if we didn’t expand the family until he was 4, 5 even 6 maybe. But I know that one day I will have to make the decision as to whether I can face the possibility of HG again or whether Tim and I need to look at adoption or even remaining a one child family.

So I am trying to deal with these emotions as they come up. I don’t want to feel jealous every time I see a pregnant woman. I don’t want to have to change channel every time an advert for One Born Every Minute comes on the tv, or turn of Twitter because it is trending. I don’t want to become bitter about it, and so that means I need to work through it.

So I decided now was the time to finally get around to writing my page on Hyperemesis and I would be hugely grateful if you would check it out.

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Jealousy and Pregnancy?


I wanted to say a big personal thanks to everyone who has continued to visit this blog regularly and who have left comments or sent messages over the past week regarding my most recent posts. It means a lot to know that being honest and open about things inspires people, rather than turning them away.


There have been a lot of changes going on at the Patch and I have a lot of exciting ideas for the coming months, but right now I have a request for help…

As many of you know, I have been busy writing a weekly series for iVillageUK on Endometriosis and trying to conceive. Each week, for the past three months, a new article has appeared on the Pregnancy and Baby Channel, focussing on our journey towards beginning our TTC (trying to conceive) journey. We always knew that we wouldn’t actively start trying until after the wedding and tomorrow’s post will explain more about the heartache that has come from some of the setbacks we have faced.

However, next week’s article is going to be a hard one to write. It is going to focus on jealousy and I know this is something that many other bloggers have to deal with in terms of infertility. My own sense of jealousy, based on even the decision to start trying being far more complicated than it need be, is pale in comparison to that which others must feel and so I wondered if some of my readers might be kind enough to contact me with their own take on the matter.

I know this is a hard subject, and so I am asking one of two things: either a comment left on this post with a quotation you would be happy for me to use in next week’s article; or a private email sent to amanda.fisher@live.co.uk expressing how you feel so that they help me form a basis for the article without directly quoting.

I will, of course, send a copy of the finished article prior to sending to the editor to anyone who contributes.

Please feel free to send any friends you have who may be able to help in this direction, as I want this next article to be as informative as possible. I cannot write from personal experience about infertility, so my own thoughts on the matter would make the article too focussed on one perspective rather than a host of people’s experiences.

Thank you