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My First Mothers’ Day

This weekend I got to celebrate my very first Mothers' Day.

I wrote an article about the thoughts and feelings it brought up for me and will link to it once it is live. I don't want to repeat myself, so I thought I'd just share some photos with you from the day.

Mothers Day

This is the greeting I got in the morning. Little Man's smile never fails to melt my heart completely, and he gets away with far more than he should sometimes because of it! 


I got two lovely cards from my boys. I'll never tire of saying, "my boys" and will always remember the absolute joy it brough me to say it that first time just a few months ago. 


TJ had offered to cook anything I wanted for dinner, so we had homemade wheat-free lasagne…


And Little Man even tried a bit, before getting too tired and having his evening bottle instead (wish I'd got a photo of him trying the lasagne but was too busy laughing at the faces he was making!)

I hope you had a lovely day with your loved ones xx