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Wedding Photos

At home 

Photo courtesy of Terry Gunn

As many of you may know, Tim and I opted not to have a professional photographer. We are lucky enough to know three people with a keen eye for photography who we had asked to bring their cameras along. There was no way we were breaking our £1500 budget by paying a third of that just on a basic photography package: no way! Besides, most people have decent digital cameras these days, so we knew we would get some beautiful photos without spending a ridiculous amount on a photographer. We chose to have a laid-back wedding, so we wanted laid-back photos to boot. 


Photo courtesy of Terry Gunn

Now, I have nothing against a professional photographer, especially if you have specific ideas in mind and you can afford one. Had we been more particular about the photos we would receive we would not have felt comfortable asking friends and family to act as budding photographers on the day. But just look at what beautiful images were captured when we left the whole thing informal and just asked people to snap, snap, snap away throughout the day's events.

Register office outside

Photo courtesy of Terry Gunn

This photo was taken just after our arrival at the register office. Tim's family had yet to arrive (they cut it very fine indeed!) and I was early, so early in fact that the registrar came out shortly after this photo and told us off for talking to each other before the ceremony! We were "caught in the act" in this photo, but it remains one of my favourites.

Signing register

Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

Of course, the registrar then asked for an "official photographer" for during the ceremony and our two "unofficial photographers" who were present at that point in the day had to decide who got the dubious pleasure of holding that title. Oliver took the risk and came out trumps with some glorious photos of the first ceremony of the day, pronouncing us officially as man and wife.


Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

And the photos just kept on coming, capturing every magical moment of the day. It seems strange to think that it really happened as we both felt like we were "play-acting" at the whole thing. We wanted a low-key affair and were pleased we did as it meant the entire day was pleasantly relaxed for us both. But the absence of nerves was an unexpected surprise and I think back on the day and suddenly think "wow, we actually got married". 


Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

And here's the proof! Would you believe we didn't actually try our rings on until the night before the wedding? That just proves how relaxed and laid-back we were about the whole thing.

Us bandstand

Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

We then made our way to the local Arboretum for photos by the bandstand, before Tim and I wandered around having photos while the rest of the group headed to the local cafe for some snacks. The cafe owner, very sweetly, had reserved a couple of tables for the group and covered them with tablecloths and confetti. We were very well looked after by everyone involved.


Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

We even managed to get some silly shots in there (although I have yet to see photos of the sword-fight between Tim and myself using a pair of umbrellas!!)


Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

And then, of course, there were the speeches. This has to be my favourite photo of the lot, as our two-year-old flowergirl had just let out the biggest laugh ever during my dad's speech and the whole room ended up roaring with laughter at her sweet giggles!

Speech 2

Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

Tim got a few laughs himself during his speech, embarrassing the new in-laws… way to go Tim!


Photo courtesy of Oliver Horn

We had the most gorgeous cake made by the mother of my sister's friend. One layer of fruit cake, one layer of sponge and one layer of gluten-free sponge, all decorated with hand-cut iced leaves and paper leaves left over from our invites. 

Tim couldn't help himself messing around with the knife and playing the fool during the cutting of the cake, and I think the majority of our "cake cutting" photos have me in some level of hysterics.


There are, of course, far more photos I wish I could share with you all, but this post would be massive if I did and, also, I don't like to post photos of people without checking it's ok with them first. However, I will be back with more photos and tales of the day soon, and for those of you who are on facebook, you can check them out as they come in!


  1. Jeanne says:

    Awesome pictures! I am so glad everything went so well for your big day. I love the picture where you are laughing by the cake with your eyes closed!

  2. Louise says:

    I’ve had a little look through your wedding photos. They really are very good. I especially like the one of you both on the steps with it raining confetti. I love your dress Amanda, and the rose posy is really pretty. I like how your Mum’s dress matches the wedding colours too. I am so glad you and Tim had such a lovely day. But sorry you both ended up with colds! x

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