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Welcome to Spirit Kid Network

Hi there!

We’re so excited to be launching Spirit Kid Network today (and just a tiny bit scared too!) and are really very thankful to you for popping by to see us.

Spirit Kid Network grew out of an idea that popped into my head one morning during a quick session of Kundalini Yoga. Or, to be more specific, the name itself popped into my head and set off a whole sequence of ideas that led to the website you see today.

But even though the idea itself developed quite recently, it is something that has been in our hearts for a very long time. You see, almost 12 years ago I began a personal spiritual quest which led me to discover the wonderful world of internet forums and chat boards. Since that time I have watched the online world change massively, and with it the ability to connect people with similar interests from right across the globe. And that it what Spirit Kid Network aims to do too.

We want to create a space for parents, like us, who are trying to raise spiritual kids in the modern world. So many people are either moving away from the traditional religions or adapting them to reflect their needs and understanding of the world without rigid rules about what they should and shouldn’t believe. In many ways this is totally liberating, but equally it leaves us without a frame of reference for coming together in community.

I cannot think of many times when community is more important than when it comes to major life changes, such as starting a family and figuring out how to raise our children. This natural desire for community has created many local, national and international groups for people wanting to connect with others right where they are. The massive increase in blogs, blogging networks, social media, and online ministries reflects the many ways in which we are trying to do this, and we hope that Spirit Kid Network can become another way for families to connect with each other.

You see, one thing I have noticed is that whilst there is an abundance of online communities for parents, very few even mention spirituality, especially for those of us who fall outside of the mainstream religions. And on the flip side of this, there are many, many spiritual groups online but very few that devote much time to families, especially those with young children.

So that’s where you’ll find us – bridging the gap between the parent and spiritual communities. You’ll find that the topics we cover are far ranging, as we draw our inspiration from many different sources – Tim identifies more closely with a mixture of Shamanism, Native American traditions, and Hinduism and I am inspired by a combination of Paganism, Christianity, Unitarianism and (for want of a better word) New Age ideas. This leads us to create our own unique form of spirituality, that bridges the gaps between multiple faiths and reflects who we are both as individuals and as a couple. Add our son (WB) to the mix and it becomes even more complex.

It can seem baffling, and totally overwhelming, to try and find the best way to integrate spirituality into our everyday lives, and even harder to know the best way to raise WB to develop his very own unique form that reflects who he is as he grows. Which is why we are going to be sharing our thoughts on this through the SKN blog, with the aim of keeping the content as seasonal as possible to help you bring spirituality into your own everyday lives.

But this is more than just a blog for our thoughts – this is a network, a place for people to come together, share ideas, offer support, and generally just have a good time together. Whilst we are running the network, we know that we have so very much to learn and there are so many wonderful teachers out there for us, if only we could find them. And that’s where you come in!

There are several ways you can join us, and we will be expanding these over the coming weeks and months as the network grows, but for now these include:

1) The Blog Network – if you write about spirituality of any kind on your blog, please do join the network. We have already added some of the spiritual blogs that we have found and enjoy reading but we would love to share more with you all. We’ll be sharing “our favourite reads” regularly, so it’s a great way to gain exposure for your blog as well as finding new bloggers to connect with.

2) The Business Directory – this is where we hope to list details of the companies, artists, therapists etc who provide products and services that help, support and inspire families. Listings are completely free and we will begin to build these up over the coming months, so don’t forget to register your details if you’d like to be included.

3) The Online Community – join us across social media. This is something that will be very limited until after 21st March, as I decided on the Winter Solstice to take a 3 month break from social media. Of course, it’s impossible to do this completely when starting up a new blog, so you may see me popping up from time to time on Twitter and Pinterest (which I am using to find inspiration) however we’re hoping to expand on this at a later date to include Facebook and Instagram and we’d love to have your support in this – if you’re a social media whizz and would like to help out, do let us know!

Once again, we are so happy to see you here and cannot wait to get to know you better.

Love and Light
Amanda, Tim and WB.

It’s Award Season for Parent Bloggers and this year I’m asking for your support.

Whilst Spirit Kid Network is still very new, I hope that you can see where I’m going with it, and that the content I have already written has been helpful, encouraging and inspiring.

If you like what you see, please do consider nominating Spirit Kid Network in the “Fresh Voice” category in the BiBs and “Best New Blog” in the MADs by clicking on the links below. Thanks.

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  1. Julie says:

    Hi Amanda, Lovely to have found you in your new home. I hope you enjoy your new space. thank you so much for your comments on my shawl – it is keeping me cosy just now as there’s a howling gale outside. Juliex

    • Amanda Shortman says:

      Hi Julie, thanks so much for popping by! It’s lovely to welcome you to my new online home. I could have done with your shawl the other day, it was soooo cold here! xx

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