Friday, October 20, 2017
Here at The Family Patch we believe that the greatest gift the online world has given us is the ability to connect with others in meaningful ways. Which is why we are happy to hear from anyone who wants to work with us.

I’m interested in working with you, what should I do?

We welcome collaborations from bloggers, PRs, journalists, brands, businesses, and anyone else who shows an interest in what we’re doing here at The Patch, so long as it is relevant to our readers. You can find out more about the main topics we cover below, and if you feel you have an idea that will work well here, please do get in touch.

What topics do you cover on the blog?

Health and Wellbeing is perhaps our biggest topic here at The Patch, as both myself and Tim are Spoonies (chronically ill). Themes included within this are: natural health; holistic health; yoga and exercise; healthy eating; and meditation and mindfulness.  

Faith and Spirituality is a slightly more recent addition to The Family Patch, and yet it makes up a large part of our lives and so is an important focus for us. Themes within this topic include: interfaith dialogue; multifaith families; liberal christianity, modern paganism; and metaphysics.

Family Life is clearly something we are going to talk about from time to time – we are The Family Patch after all. But our Family Life posts are very specifically focused on: living on a budget; easy family activities; enjoying the great outdoors; learning about our heritage and culture; and holidays and celebrations.

Creativity makes up a massive part of my personal life – I can cope with anything life throws at me as long as I have a chance to sit back and get creative once in a while. Crochet is one of my biggest loves, but so are writing, taking photographs, and learning to use a sewing machine!

What kind of collaboration are you looking for?
We are willing to consider all kinds of collaboration, including guest posts, sponsored posts, brand ambassador roles, product reviews and competitions, and anything else you can come up with! We are flexible in the way we work, as we want our collaborations to be positive experiences for both you and our readers.

That being said, we purposefully limit the number of sponsored posts and branded content (including ads) that appear on The Patch, because we believe that this benefits both our readers and those we work with. This means that we may turn down your proposal if we feel it isn’t the best fit, as any content added to the blog must match the style of content usually provided and should always add value to our readers’ experience. But think of it this way – if we do decide to work with you it means we really believe in what you’re doing and will share it with passion.

Can you show me some examples of your work with others?

Sure! Some of our more recent collaborations can be found below:

TravelShades Review The Family Patch

Easing Motion Sickness with TravelShades This was a review post that explained how this new product can help with motion sickness and how I personally found the experience of using them. I originally contacted the company, as I was struggling with increased motion sickness, and the review is now also featured on their site.
win 1 of 5 cosmic kids yoga dvds

Win 1 of 5 Cosmic Kids DVDsThis was a competition that I ran across both my blogs (the other being Spirit Kid Network). In order to enter, readers had to visit the Cosmic Kids YouTube Channel and tell us which video they were most excited about.  
The Family Patch Meets Jaime at #cosmickidslive

Meeting Jaime at #cosmickidslive This was a post which shared our experience of travelling to London to visit the YouTube Space for a fan event. We included a video of the event as well as lots of pictures and links to Cosmic Kids.
Fabrics from Coats Crafts

Adventures of a Novice Sewer This was a review of a selection of fabrics and thread provided by Coats Crafts.  I originally met the team from Coats Crafts at a blogging conference and was asked if I would like to collaborate with them on a post. I used a pattern from their website and shared how I had found following the instructions as a novice sewer.

Do you offer any other services?
Yes I do – I provide web design, copywriting, and social media support through my business Shortman Media, so if you’re looking for something I do not offer here at The Patch, please do check out my business site.Shortman Media - cost-effective copywriting, social media, and web design services for bloggers and small business owners.